Run #1731 The Social Media Run Report

#1731 The Social Media Trail
✅ Time: Sun, 30/06/2024
✅ Hares:  Itchy Pussy + Cocktail Fail + Cherry Ho

Social Media Day has been taking place since the 30th of June in 2010. It was created by Mashable as a way of recognizing the impact that social media has had on communications around the world, as well as bringing people together to celebrate.

This year, Saigon Hash House Harriers decided to create a special run for Social Media Day. The original idea was a city trail with all the tourist spots around town, but Cocktail Fail decided to make it more exciting with some social media checks.

 At 3:00 pm, hashers gathered in Brick and Barrels. This week we had many visitors and even visitor-returnees from a long time ago, there was 1 virgin brought by Fine Arse. After the welcoming circle, the hares were called in to explain the trail. Basically, everyone had to be on their phone for this run, and they had to be in the Whatsapp group chat called The Social Media Run. For its theme, all the checks would be updated in the group chat, one by one, in the form of photos, by the hares. Hashers would have to find the check, take a selfie of themselves on the spot, and send it back in the chat. Once the hasher's selfies are up, the hares will update the next check. 

The trail started in Ben Thanh market, an iconic spot for tourists, surprisingly a lot of hasher who'd lived and worked in town never walked over here. It's busy as always, as Hashers posted the picture of the first pic, and the next check was coming up in the chat.

There were some interesting checks that weren't even tourist spots but came with interesting stories behind them that not everyone knew. For example, this monument of a teenager killed by the French for protesting about anti-colonial in 1947. He was recognized as the Hero of the People's armed forces in 2000. We also walked past the General Science Library of Ho Chi Minh City, The Notre Dame of SG, the Post Office, the Opera house, the Japanese quarter, the Pink Church, and the Zoo,…

Some Hashers were struggling to use social media at the beginning but when they figured it out, they couldn't stop. Taste Great was an example and one of the most active hashers that constantly check in in the group chat.

Enjoy some of Taste Great's selfies

The running trail was exceptionally long this week, but the walking trail was short and enjoyable. It was actually too enjoyable that by the time we made it to the beer stop by Japanese quarters, some hashers was missing because of distraction caused by pretty women with gigantic boobs on the street. Besides, at the last check in Fine Art museum, some walkers found a little stray cat and ended up adopting him, he's now the first Hash cat ever in Saigon. 

There was a rumor in the runner group that Fine Arse and her virgin separated from the pack to go on a romantic tour by themselves, what happened on the tour, they're the only ones knew. 

Finally, the trail ended in the little shady park near Brick and Barrels, circle went on for a while with a lot of charges, cold beer, and fullfilling snacks. It was a fun beautiful day in Saigon Hash.

Upcoming in 07/07 is the Annual William of Orange/ American Independence hash.

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