#1732 The Annual William of Orange Run & US Independence Day Report

Additional Information for the useless hashers out there…
The Annual William of Orange

William III, a protestant was born in Holland 4th November 1650 – died 8th March 1702 in England. William III was the sovereign Prince of Orange, steward to several counties of the Dutch Republic during the 1670s, King William III to England & Ireland & King William II to Scotland. Independence Day. Well, the 13 colonies in America who were under the control of the British Empire HM King George III during the 1770s wanted independence & achieved it. The Declaration of Independence was met on the 4th of July 1776.


Arriving at the Caravelle Hotel, I met up with G-Spot & General Erection. By the time the bus had arrived, there had been a huge number of hashers, including a couple of virgins from Canada & Vung Tau. We all got on board, picked up additional hashers from D7, & off we went to the unknown southeast of Vietnam.

We all know for a fact that the motorway has its odd bumps here & there but to Phước Vĩnh Đông we drove to I am sure the local governing bodies forgot to bring in the steel-wheeled rollers to smooth out the tarmac. We went over so many that a majority of the hashers jumped out of their seats, & Cherry Ho, who was sitting with the naughty boys in the back, hit her forehead against the bus ceiling. Additionally, I think the bus suspension failed to work adequately too.
Upon arrival, we saw the NHA Be River, It was so peaceful & quiet watching the locals fishing & the cargo ships carrying their goods to their designated ports.


We started the circle where the acting GM Paddy Fag & his acolyte Cocktail Fail dressed up in Orange in support of William III & General Erection was the acting RA. If you look at Paddy Fag & Cocktail Fail closely, the two looked like a couple of oompa-loompas rejects who failed to get the job at Willy Wonka’s factory & instead managed to find themselves on the hash.


We ran through the green fields, we saw buffalo stampede, we ran through the bullshit (literally), and we navigated through the wild bushes whilst collecting souvenirs of scratches on both arms & legs. 


At one point, the runners did get lost & could not find the continuation of the trail. It was eventually found once we saw the slow runners & Cocktail Fail move in the correct direction. Taste Great made his aggrievance to Cocktail Fail who laughed it off & continued with runners.


The run was shiggy, bushy, and well-marked. It's a new area, but for sure we are going to be back for another trail. We ran across rice fields, fruit gardens, and the most beautiful part was probably the bank of Dong Nai River. Weather was hot but cloudy enough so we could enjoy some breeze. Some slow runners were carried away and even had their own Ice cream Stop.


Meanwhile, everyone reached the petrol station where there was only ONE Beer Stop which I thought was rather disappointing. We sat, drank & be merry & again talk about politics. We started the second leg of the journey & within 30 minutes reached Point A.


At the second circle, as per Paddy Fag’s instructions, the English, French, Dutch, & Scots had to carry out the re-enactment of the war that took place during the reign of William III. We did have a Canadian peacekeeper who unfortunately failed miserably & hence, was drenched in beer by both opposing parties.


One of our women hashers, Ut completed her 10 attendances with the SH3 & was named ‘Organic Viagra’. So, if you require any supplements, that extra ‘juice’ then Organic Viagra is your dealer.


One of our dedicated member, Itchy Pussy is now on her way back to the Netherlands, so we wish her all the best & look forward to her return to our tribe soon.
Overall, we had a fun day & look forward to next week’s hash.

Quote by General Erection: "Another great SH3 rural hash – congratulations to the hares and others who contributed to its success. Probably also the best location for a Circle that we have had for some time. There were, however, two matters that needed to be brought to the attention of the MMC. Firstly, as we all know, beer stops are a hallowed tradition of SH3. On this hash, however, a new practice was observed: an ICE CREAM stop. Maybe it's time to consider institutionalizing this practice. Secondly, the acting GM and one of the RA tag team (the larger of the two) were frequently observed doing a Joe Biden (what used to be described as "having a senior moment") during the conduct of the Circle. This is not a good look for the SH3, and I suggest that when hashers are proposed as acting GM or stand-in RA they first have to undergo an independent medical evaluation that included neurological and cognitive tests. Only in this way can we maintain the ultra high standards of present and past GMs of the SH3."

This week's run: #1733 & is a bus trip so please sign up.
Your Hares in crime are: Tastes Great & Finger ring

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