Welcome to the Saigon Monday Hash

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We meet most Mondays, as our name will suggest, at 18:30 for a 19:00 start. If you get there late, you can always try and catch up

Where we meet is a little more complicated as it depends on who is setting the trail. Join our newsletter or come back to this page to see where it starts.

What to expect

The run can either be live or preset by the hare. The trail will be marked in either flour, paper or chalk. the distance is normally between 6/8 km but in any case should not take more than 40 minutes for the front runners and 1 hour for the rest.

Walkers are welcome and normally a shortcut should  always be available to make sure you do not get back too late.

The run will be followed by a circle where we get to know ourselves better, reward or punish people for how they behaved during the run and then to an On In (food place) for who wants to extend the evening.

Who is responsible.

Hashers are renowned for being totally irresponsible and when you join you are responsible for your on actions. It is not a race although some common sense will help.

The Runs will be assisted by a committee which normally includes:

  • GM does nothing but gets all the credit

  • Hare Razor, finds the volunteers to set the next trail

  • RA, (religious Advisor) will and out the rewards and punishments with much humour

  • Hash cash Beer Meister: will collect the money and buy the beers

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