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Feel you need to speak to us?

0919 94 14 34 (English, Vietnamese: Lauren Luong)

0938 727 517 (English, Dutch: Monique Jacobs)

Email to

If nobody answers, try sending an email to

Emergency phone numbers

For on the Hash, if you ever get lost:

If, despite the best efforts of the hares, you lost the way and can no longer find any paper, call one of the following numbers:

0973 650 665 (Non-Stop C*ck)

0903 351 462 (Paddy Fag)

0936 528 149 (Ms. Nhu – bus crew)

Ask to use the phone of a villager if you did not bring your own.

We will try to find you and take you back to the bus.

(Copy these numbers into your phone and/or write them down).

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